BRAMOR NSX - Signal Intelligence

Smart SIGINT –  Catcher - application.

BRAMOR with NSX payload for  SIGINT application.

The Software Defined Radio sensor with cellular protocol stacks miniaturized and adapted for BRAMOR usage and the  NSX UI operation software  identifies, communicates with, geolocates GSM mobiles in all 2G/3G/4G LTE frequencie (already in use by different countries) .  

NSX UI Operation Software - features: 

  • Complete GSM, UMTS, LTE spectrum scanning, automatic scanning of GSM, UMTS and LTE.
  • Generation of frequency channel chart of network providers, signal strength analysis.
  • IMSI; IMEI; TMSI PTMSI catching and database generation
  • IMEI IMSI based service denial to a determined IMSI IMEI
  • Direction finding (silent call&manual direction finding in pure GSM or UMTS mode in which the target was acquired
  • location finding in effective radius of: *2000m on GSM, *600m on UMTS, *2000m on LTE
     *data above applicable on loiter at altitudes of 150-300m
  • Target based service denial, silent call, SMS capable, sending and receiving Messages
  • Locate without DF Equipmen, determination based on GPS data extraction from target GSM unit or calculus of distance based on signal strength



  • Wingspan 230 cm
  • Length 96 cm
  • Center module length 67 cm
  • Weight (MTOW) 4,9 kg
  • Propulsion Electric-Brushless
  • Power  Li-Po or Li-Ion (removable & rechargeable battery)
  • Datalink range 15 km Encrypted IP Link (optional extented to 55 or 75 km)
  • Ready to flight 5 minutes
  • Operator One
  • Transportation Milspec case or backpack


  • Ready to flight 5 minutes
  • Cruise speed 16 m/s (60 km/h)
  • Max speed 26 m/s (90 km/h)
  • Take-off Catapult
  • Landing Parachute
  • Endurance up to 3 h (Li-Po) or up to 3,5 h (Li-Ion) battery pack
  • Operational range Up to 210 km
  • Service ceiling Up to 5000 m Above Sea Level

BRAMOR NSX basic package

BRAMOR C4EYE Airframe:

  • Motor assembly
  •  Advanced GEN II. Avionics (C-AP)
  • CTA Digital C3 and payload radio ( 1W )
  • IP Encrypted datalink COMSEC ( 256-bit AES )
  • TRANSEC ( 250 Hops per sec. )
  • GPS/GLONASS antenna
  • 2 UAV Battery pack LiPo 11000 mAh/ 4S/ 14,8V, with cables and connectors
  • 2 recovery parachutes with protective packs
  • Basic spare parts kit (2 pcs wing joiner, propeller,
  • hex key (T9)#2.5, parachute folding tool)
  • Flight case transportation system
  • Manual, Check list booklet

Ground Station SX-303 CTA W / TABLET:

  • Flight guidance and sensor display tablet
  • Rugged MILSPEC case
  • C-Astral C3P Mission & control planning software
  • CTA Digital C3 and payload radio ( 1W )
  • IP Encrypted datalink COMSEC ( 256-bit AES )
  • TRANSEC ( 250 Hops per sec. )
  • Charger & 2 Batteries

SENSOR payload NSX MOUNT Including:

  • with Low Profile antennas
  • C3P camera codec plugin
  • Network router and switch
  • Meduza device server
  • MicroSD card

Alu-Folding lightweight elastic catapult V2.0 in transportation box

Batteries Charger, Dual Charging capability for Li-Po batteries, 220V/110V/12V with charging cables, balancer



LWIR and Visible,

Gyro / software stabilized Gimbal,

Upgrade - LI/Laser illuminator 650 nm or 850 nm

Sold more than 250 unmanned aerial systems. Tactical ISR systems are in use for more than 10 years, with 4 NATO, 5 non NATO forces and police forces in more than 30 countries.