AIR-6 Hexacopter

The all-rounder

The current AIR6 model based on many years of experience in the development and construction of multi-rotor camera systems for commercial customers. It’s a six-motor all-rounder that can be specially customized to suit our clients’ requirements. Even in its basic configuration, the AIR6 offers numerous features that other manufacturers  activate at an premium cost, or which must be  purchased as an additional accessory.
The AIR6 flight system is designed for single-user operation, which helps to minimize personnel costs.
With the AIR6, you’re getting a flight-ready drone that’s been completely set up for you in our workshop. We program the remote control to your specific needs, and we offer additional options such as an approved HD Digital Video 1080p link or a battery operated ground station, with a monitor and a built-in antenna system.
You can also order a pre-programmed digital charger for your flight batteries, with the advantage that you can charge your batteries anywhere & quickly.  The charging unit will pre-heat your batteries to the optimal operating temperature, resulting in the maximum possible flight time.

AIR 6 - Hexacopter

Technical data
Max payload:                 
1,5 Kg - 3.3 lbs
Max total Weight:           
5,5 kg - 12.1 lbs
Max. flight time:            
30 minutes
Max. wind speed:           
50kn/h - 21.1 mph
Max. speed:                  
75 km/h - 43.5 mph
Batters swap:                
30 sec.
Remote frequency:         
2.4 Ghz
Remote range:               
2000 m - 6500 ft
Dimensions: LxWxH:      77,5x77,5x2,5 cm - 30.5x30.5x16.7 in.

The highest level of reliability and maximum operational readiness are decisive criteria. For this reason, we critically test each component and every line of code before we build them onto our flying robots. Providing safeguards against malfunction during flight (through redundant systems) and the avoidance of flight disruption are of the highest priority in the design and construction of our products.