Advanced Technology Light Acquisition System


Military & Surveillance

The ATLAS C4EYE is currently the most compact of the C-ASTRAL UAS family. The hand launched system can carry EYE-X HD stabilized gimbal camera. The ATLAS excels with a class leading endurance and modularity that enables quick reconfigurations and multiple functionality in a safe, compact, light, hand launched package, supports by a new avionics and guidance solution that is completely compatible with the current BRAMOR family ground segment.

Wingspan                   155cm
Length                        82 cm
Weight (MTOW)           2.6 kg
Sensor                        EYE-X HD EO/IR Zoom x6.6 and 2x digital
                                  Thermal Resolution 640x480
Propulsion                   C-Astral Brushless Electric
Cruise Speed               16 m/s
Take-off                      Hand launched or high start
Landing                       Parachute /Belly
Service ceiling              up to 5000 msl
Datalink rang               15 km
Endurance                   up to 70 minutes
Flight ready                 2 minutes
Operator Need             one
Transportation             Milspec backpack 15 kg

Dual visible camera 400nm - 700nm
> Resolution: 1280 x 720
> Zoom: 20x + 2x digital (total 40x) continuous
> HFOV: 60° WFOV, 3° NFOV, 1,5° DFOV

Thermal camera
LWIR uncooled 8-12 μm
> Resolution: 640 x 480 (BH/WH toggle)
> Zoom: 4x digital
> HFOV: 32° WFOV, 8° DFOV
> Gyro + Software continuous stabilization

IR Laser illuminator available at 720nm or 850nm (optional)

 Target tracking, Pursuit mode and Target Geo-Location 
> NETD better than 0.05°C
> On-board and/or Off-board Recording

Video Transport Stream
MPEG-2  ISO/EIC 13818-1
> STANAG 4609, MISB ST 1402.1
> KLV ST 0601.4
>UAS Datalink Local Data Set